richmond Powwow Association, Inc.
Education With A Purpose

Our History

The Richmond Powwow Association, Inc. began as the dream of one woman. In January 1994 Janet Quigg had a dream to provide an educational experience for the people of Richmond. She had been drawn to the Native American culture and knew she had to do something to preserve the past for future generations.

A meeting took place when Dr. Neal Wright began to explore the possibility of holding a Native American Culture festival at Eastern Kentucky University. The meeting included Rose Willis, John Estes, Janet Quigg, Neil Wright, Kevin Gorman and a few other City of Richmond personnel. This meeting was the beginning of the partnership between the City and Eastern Kentucky University’s International Education Department which sponsored the 1994 Powwow held in Richmond. The City was unable to sponsor any other powwows after 1994 but continued to provide personnel to help with set up.

In January 1997 the Richmond Powwow Association, Inc was officially born. In 1997 Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Secretary of State for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. In 1998, 501 (c)3 status was issued to the Richmond Powwow Association, Inc. by the IRS.

Our Vision

We try to provide an educational experience to people of all ages. In September of each year we hold a Native American Powwow to demonstrate the culture of the past. The powwow is a celebration for the season of harvest. This is a time when many tribes would get together to celebrate the end of the growing season, and the beginning of winter. The powwows were a way for the tribes to celebrate before going their own ways for the winter. The powwows were a time for the renewing of friendships and catching up on important news.

Our Pledge

Each year we strive to bring a new experience to Richmond. In 2005 we arranged with the help of EKU, Department of International Education, to have an Iroquois Dance Troupe. We offer a variety of demonstrations each year in hope that everyone will learn something new.

For school day we try to offer a wide range of things for the children to experience. We are always searching for ways to educate our community to the Native American culture.

In 2001 we brought Robert Mirabal to Eastern Kentucky University. In 2005 we brought Steve Reevis and Arvel Bird to our Powwow. In 2007 we were able to bring Irene Bedard to our Powwow.

Each year we charge a fee for people to experience the powwow. We do this because we have a small budget and can not afford to provide the event for free.

Our dream is that one day we can open the gates to everyone and not have to charge a fee.

The citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and especially the City of Richmond have always been supportive of our events. We want to say thank you for your help. Without the help of this community we would not be here providing a bridge to the past.

All donations to the Richmond Powwow Association, Inc. are tax deductible.

Anyone interested in helping with the  Richmond Powwow should contact us at